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New Community Group Brand

Concerned about the growing drug problem in town, a group of Pelham, NH residents recently formed the Pelham Community Coalition (PCC). Their mission is to inform, educate and empower members of the community with respect to substance abuse issues in town, especially among youth. The design for the PCC features

Developing a Special Logo for a Special Lady

Roskelly Inc. was asked to develop a logo for the Evelyn M. Howe Memorial Fund. When developing a logo, our creative team will start by better understanding the subject, whether it be a person, company or product. In the case of a personal brand, the team will interview the person

Pamela Riesenberg Builds on Personal Brand

Sometimes the success of your company is not due to the company, but your own achievements. At that point, you are building your own personal brand, and it’s time to capitalize on it. Pamela Riesenberg runs a successful mortgage banking office for Reliant Mortgage in Salem, New Hampshire. However, she