About Roskelly Inc.

Roskelly Inc. has a team with vast experience in developing effective brands that fulfill their clients’ missions. As needed, we bring in outside specialists with experience in web programming, public relations, copyrighting and ad placement to produce the desired results.

Creating Memorable Brands for Your Company or Products.

The Roskelly Team begins by exploring the essence of your organization, then devises creative solutions applicable across all communications platforms. Branding is rarely one-dimensional: it requires expertise that can easily translate to all mediums: print, interactive, advertising, and all creative applications. With years of experience in the agency world, our principals and consultants understand execution of client demands at exceptional quality and performance levels. In fact, our clients quickly learn that, through effective and focused collaboration, we can take their brand from concept to successful implementation before the average agency has even approved their conference notes.

With our legal experience, we can assess the risk of potential objection by third parties, and devise a strategy to best protect your intellectual property.