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Position Statements & Tag Lines

How you position your business and products is one of the most important parts of Branding Strategy. The right slogan or tag line can become as recognizable as your corporate logo. Over the years we have successfully created many tags lines along with company and product names. Below is a sample of some of our most recognizable tag line projects. Red Jacket Resorts:  A vacation spot for generations Mosquito Magnet:  Fatal attraction for mosquitoes Potter League:  enriching lives WinkFlash:  Sharing Lifes images Lila Delman Real Estate:  Opening Fine Homes to the World Barry Automotive:  Buy with the Barry Advantage Retreivex:

Trade Shows Do Not Require SqueezeBalls – A Strategy Case Study

Gone to a trade show or expo lately? Did you leave with a bag of pens, water bottles  and other items? How many did you actually use? Companies spend hundreds to produce these promotional items, hoping to capture your attention and win your business. JHawk Builders wanted something bigger. With a promotion suggested by Roskelly, they raffled a 42” TV to visitors to their booth. Anyone scheduling a design consult who ultimately hired the design/build company received a free TV as well. The company quickly booked a great project due to the promotion. Much more effective than a squeezeball!