In creating a brand, Roskelly Inc.  seeks to partner with the client to produce the desired results.

Our goal is to provide you with a design that:

  • Evokes a positive response – shares the mission of your company
  • Avoids negative implications
  • Meets the needs of your company
  • Allows for flexibility – can be used in all media, all sizes, and in black and white
  • Timeless and unique
  • Protectable as a trademark

Brand Design – Evolution – Makeover – Rejuvenation

Over time, a business goes through many changes. It might expand its services, change ownership or simply need to bring their image up to date to capture of attention of an ever-changing market.

A new or updated logo can bring a renewed energy to an organization. It can also elevate the company’s image in the public eye and lead to a higher level of professionalism.

It also provides a reason to make contact with current or former clients, to let them know of your changes.

Business and Product Naming

One of the most important aspects for your business is selecting the correct name for your company or your products. Whatever you choose should evoke positive emotions while avoiding any negative connotations. It needs to be timeless, unique and meet the needs of your company. Finally, that name should be protectable and not infringe on the rights of third parties.

Tag Lines

A tag line provides a little extra information about you and your business, products or services. Also called a “positioning statement,” it provides the opportunity to suggest why your organization is different from the competition.  For example:

  • icelighter: Turning Cold Calls HOT
  • Red Jacket Resorts: A vacation spot for generations
  • Potter League: enriching lives
  • RISCA: Art is the Anchor
  • WinkFlash: Sharing Lifes images
  • Lila Delman Real Estate: Opening Fine Homes to the World
  • Mosquito Magnet: Fatal attraction for mosquitoes
  • Schaefer Marine: Legendary Strength
  • Barry Automotive: Buy with the Barry Advantage
  • ECOTOPE: Landscape Architects & Artisans
  • One Touch: Concierge Service Redefined
  • CityAve: The Smart Spot
  • Island Time Clothing: Change your Shell
  • ETCO: Old Values New Ideas
  • Newport’s Old Quarter: The Arts & Culture Neighborhood
  • Local Hooker Rods: Professional Gear for Hardcore Fishing
  • Retrievex: Your Records Within Reach
  • Carnegie Abbey Club: An Exclusive Sporting Estate
  • JHawk Builders: Building on a foundation of excellence
  • Michaud Insurance: Insuring our friends and neighbors since 1974

Corporate Identity

A corporate identity is more than just a design or pretty picture to accompany your business name. It should tell a story about what your company embodies, your message.

A good story is a fact, wrapped in emotion that encourages consumers to take a specific action. It should be simple and memorable. Make sure your logo tells the correct story.

Branding Case Studies

The difference is in the Results an agency brings to your project. The following Case Studies are provided to illustrate the results we’ve accomplished for our clients, and to give a glimpse into our process.

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