People love Animals and connect to Faces and body forms. Animals & Faces is a popular choice for logos because of our deep connection to them. An animal logo can cement your brand in your target audience’s heart, but remember, there’s more to using any animal in a logo design. Do not just stick a cute puppy or kitten next to your brand’s name and call it a day. Logos that work are logos that mean something, and even if you initially decide you want a certain species to symbolize your brand, you must make it the star of your brand’s story to make it work, and same goes for using faces and body forms.
There’s more to an animal or a facial representation logo than the image itself. Every logo communicates its brand’s personality through its color palette, font, shape, and any other style choices that we design for your brand. So as Roskelly, Inc. brainstorms your brand’s persona, think about the following to fine-tune your animal logo.