Undersea Science and Engineering Foundation, Inc. (USEF) approached Roskelly Inc. because they needed a simple, on-line presence in an effort to generate more funding and community interest in their program.

PrintThe founders of USEF are concerned about the dwindling number of students interested in pursuing careers in science and engineering disciplines. The group works with high schools to further educational outreach for these areas.

usef_photoTom Roskelly created a new brand that would appeal to the key demographics and have meaning within the industry.

usef_logo_explainedThe new design is based upon the foundation of the Golden Ratio, which is a mathematical curvature which appears in nature (such as in nautilus shells). Roskelly used the spiral shape to build the curves of the seahorse. The result is a brand that is based on engineering principles without the harsh rigidity often associated with science. The shape was also designed to be more aggressive, having more of an athletic sports team sports feel. Yet, the chosen color palette ensures that the design is approachable.

Roskelly also created collateral materials for USEF such as business cards and letterhead – materials that had never been previously developed, yet are critical for marketing success.

USEF now looks more professional as its solicits community support.

usef_kitFor more information about USEF, please visit http://www.underseascience.org/USEF/