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Berwind Private Equity Invests in a New Brand Design by Roskelly Inc.

February 17,2010 Harvard, Mass. Berwind Private Equity, a multi-generational investment company, unveiled its new look and web site, created by Roskelly Inc. The brand has been rolled out in Berwind Private Equity's communication materials and can been seen on its new web site: www.BerwindPrivateEquity.com

"We are proud to work with Roskelly Inc. to create our new look because of its outstanding reputation in design, marketing and building brands on a global level," said David Berwind III, Director of Acquisitions for Berwind Private Equity. "Roskelly Inc. has an amazing track record of the smart, strategic thinking and brilliant creativity."

Thomas Roskelly, Creative Director of the Portsmouth, R.I.-based Roskelly Inc., said he looked forward to adding Berwind Private Equity to his company's list of clients worldwide and enjoyed coming up with a brand and web site that fit its niche.

"Most companies in the private equity and investment realm are branded with an established look that evokes feelings of trust and longevity" said Roskelly. "Berwind Private Equity is known and respected, which inspired us to create a vision, design a memorable look, and incorporate that feeling into their new web site."

About Berwind Private Equity

Berwind Private Equity is a multi-generational company that identifies investment opportunities for the Berwind family. Being internally funded allows the company to quickly evaluate and act upon opportunities. Berwind uses clearly defined investment criteria and relies upon little or no leverage. Being family run, Berwind is flexible and can be accommodating on deal structures, differentiating them from traditional private equity funds and merger & acquisition firms.

About Roskelly, Inc.

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