Medical services - it's not a product or service that people traditionally think of as "branded."

After 30 years of quality service, Dr. George Kates understood the need for a brand, and asked Creative Director Tom Roskelly to develop a design for his pediatric dental office. Kates intended to sell his practice to another dentist, but wanted to maintain consistency with his patients.

The new brand for Newport Pediatric Dentistry features a capital letter "N" in a sans serif font, giving it less formality. Worked into the letter are two toothbrushes as well as the image of teeth. The result is a youthful image that appeals to both parents and children. Often, a doctor or medical provider simply has their name in Times New Roman typeface on signs, business cards and materials. If there is an attempt to create a design, it is likely cliché, like the Caduceus or other medical symbol.

There is no rule that every doctor or medical professional is required to use the same designs. In fact, it's an ideal place to practice a different approach, even something that pulls on a consumer's emotions. A new brand for a medical professional can elevate their image in the public eye and lead a higher level of professionalism. To be successful, a brand needs to tell a story. In the medical field, the key is to make that story something to which people can relate, without being too cute.

Building a personal brand also provides greater flexibility for medical professionals. As the provider builds more brand recognition, patients are more likely to remain loyal and refer others.

"Medical services are not products or services that people traditionally think of as "branded." 

Additional Medical Service Brands