How you position your business and products is one of the most important parts of Branding Strategy. The right slogan or tag line can become as recognizable as your corporate logo.

Over the years we have successfully created many tags lines along with company and product names.

Below is a sample of some of our most recognizable tag line projects.

Red Jacket Resorts:  A vacation spot for generations
Mosquito Magnet:  Fatal attraction for mosquitoes
Potter League:  enriching lives
WinkFlash:  Sharing Lifes images
Lila Delman Real Estate:  Opening Fine Homes to the World
Barry Automotive:  Buy with the Barry Advantage
Retreivex:  Your Records Within Reach
Carnegie Abbey Club:  An Exclusive Sporting Estate
Rhode Island State Council on the Arts

Art is the Anchor


Schaefer Marine:  Legendary Strength
ETCO:  Old Values New Ideas
Newport’s Old Quarter:  The Arts & Culture Neighborhood
 Island Time Clothing:   Change your Shell
 One Touch:   Concierge Service Redefined
 CityAve:   The Smart Spot
 ECOTOPE:   Landscape Architects & Artisans