A happy client, winner of a business card makeover, says it better than we could:

Before I won the business card makeover offered by Roskelly, Inc at the Newport Business Expo, I had not met Thomas, and I hadn’t considered approaching a branding company for assistance.

Many micro-businesses just don’t have the resources to spend on that kind of service. But I think that winning that drawing was one of the best things that could have happened to me.

RIcomputerlearning-clientpicFirst, working with Tom was an outstanding experience: he listens and hears what’s really important in your vision of your business, he pays attention to your likes and dislikes, and he is incredibly creative and supportive.

Second, he delivered more than he promised: not only did he create exciting new business cards for me, but he also created a new logo that is energized and fresh and exciting.

I am thrilled with the great job he did for me, and I love the new image he created. I know that it will be something that gets more positive attention from anyone who sees my marketing material and class handouts.

I will definitely be speaking to Tom again for more assistance in the future.

Robin Gardner RI Computer Learning Services, LLC